A Letter from id-mac

Feel Cheated by QCD Indonesia, Mangga2MALL harjono_darto

To Whom It may concern,

I am a MacBook user.
I have problem with my 60W MagSafe Power Adapter cable, have a sign
on the cable burned. so the performance is not stable.
I went to QCD Indonesia, Mangga2Mall Jakarta for service.

They will check for me if my MacBook still under warranty.

Next day I was inform that the cable cannot be repaired. Unfortunatey
my 1 year worldwide warranty expired in July 2007.

It must be replace.
I was inform about the price, and I decide to come to the store and
make decision on further action.

I arrive in store, and meet Jon hardy (?) and Kristina, customer
Kristina: The Adapter cannot be repaired.
It must be replaced.
The Exchange price is Rp.846,000

Is it ready stock? YES.
If that the solution I will pay the price.

Charge to my credit card?
No Card at the moment, cash only.

I pay cash after withdraw from ATM.

After I pay, Kristina told me the standard of delivery is 4 days from
I insist since it is ready stock, I need it today.
Then QCD provide me with the spare unit that they have. And
apoloigize fr the inconvenience and promise will serve better next time

I ask my old Adapter back, but got explanation that the price that I
pay is EXCHANGE PRICE, if new unit it cost more.

I trust, since it is Apple Authorized Service Provider, and assure
their service level is Apple Standard service level, no compromise. I
believe it and leave the shop after pay all the bill.

When I get my computer charge and browse Apple.com, to my surprise, a
new set of 60W MagSafe Power Adapter cost only USD 79 free shipping.
I realize that I have pay FULL price instead of exchange unit!

I have contact and complain first talk to Kristina, no solution. He
ecplain QCD using USG.IDR 9500 for the exchange rate.
The second time I call she told me the exchange rate is USD?IDR is 9700.
He refer me to Jonhardy, but Jon hardy never contact me back.
I call again, Kristina refuse to take the call, Hary take the call
and apologize that Kristina online.
No solutions. they just talk round and round.

i want my old adapter unit return to me, since I have pay FULL price.

Because of the disappointment I check with Other Apple Authorized
Service Provider, to my dismay, I found out I have been cheated by QCD.
The exchange price should not that much, with the same amount I could
get a new complete new unit 60W MagSafe Power Adapter.
Local store sell adapter at price USD 80.
For exchange, adpater price is USD 70, no connector provide. The
price different because of the connector.

As suggested by QCD staff, ask me to write a letter if not satisfied.

So I did.

Look forward to resolution on the above mention situation.

Please advise.

best regards, harjono

NB: Current exchange rate 1USD/IDR is Rp.9150.


buat yang agak susah baca bahasa Inggris, kira-kira kseimpulannya kayak gini :

Aulia Masna wrote :

Gue udah sempet ngobrol sama this person dan complain dia cukup fair
in my opinion.

The issue here is the price for exchange is the same as full price. Ga
fair dong apalagi kalo yang di-exchange itu cuma component, bukan
whole unit sedangkan kalau beli baru dapet whole set.

Barang dibilang ready stock tapi disuruh tunggu 4 hari. Kan aneh.

sebagai referensi supaya gak ketipu lagi http://eepinside.com/?p=517

kalo pedagang kita kayak gini, kapan negara kita mau maju :((…haram oi.



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3 responses to “A Letter from id-mac

  1. Wah emang beneran ya MacBook sering rusak adaptornya, soalnya temenku juga ada yg gitu..

    Macintosh.. Making cost.. (kata Alief)

  2. Ndre.. link-ku diganti dung jadi yg wordpress.. 🙂

  3. > Wah emang beneran ya MacBook sering rusak adaptornya, soalnya temenku juga ada > yg gitu..

    Wah kurang tahu ya, Sar, blom beli soale :D..
    bukannya adaptor tuh cepet rusak kalo listriknya emang gak stabil ya?

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