GPRSnya Indonesia

Karena pusing lihat HP Nokia 5700 yang gak kunjung turun-turun harganya, akhirnya saya lihat-lihat yang GPRS dan lihat dolo artikel tentang kemampuan GPRSnya di wikipedia..

Ada satu bagian yang agak konyol …nah ini dia

In many areas, such as France, telephone operators have priced GPRS relatively cheaply (compared to older GSM data transfer, CSD and HSCSD). Some mobile phone operators offer flat rate access to the Internet, while others charge based on data transferred, usually rounded up to 100 kilobytes.

During the heyday of GPRS in the developed countries, the mid 2000s, typical prices varied from EUR €0,24 per megabyte to over €20 per megabyte. In developing countries, prices vary widely, and change. Some operators gave free access while they decided pricing, for example in in Togo, West Africa, others were over-priced, such as Tigo of Ghana at one US dollar per megabyte or Indonesia at $3 per megabyte. Mero Mobile of Nepal charges users up to a set amount and then has unlimited Internet access.

Pre-Paid SIM Cards allow travelers to buy short term internet access. The mean price in developing nations is US$1 per hour [citation needed].

Waduh udah 3Gnya blom becus, GPRSnya masih mahal dan disebar-sebar pulak -____-; kapan bisa internet sambil mobile kalo gini.


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