MacBook Air

Intoducing you, the new line of Apple notebook and to be spesific, MacBook Air. Apple boast that it is the world thinnest laptop because its thickness only 0.76″ (about 1.94 cm) and weighted 1.36 kg. Thinner than the thinnest part of Sony TZ they said. Very, Very slim and very light.

It also providing the latest technology such as LED backlight which mercury and lead-free and also consume less power than LCD screen, ambient light sensor for it’s keyboarb, and new Santa Rosa chipset from Intel.

But for me, what it sell is only it’s thickness πŸ˜€ Well look at it specs and you’ll know why. No, no, not its processor. The processor has 4MB L2 cache which is good and it’s smaller than the usual porcessor. And this processor is as what inside the MacBook and the MacBook Pro not the ultra-low-voltage like another ultra-portable use! That is great you know because ultra-low-voltage processor form Intel has very low speed. The Intel CEO said that the processor is as thick as a nickel and as big as a dime. No wonder it is costs a lot to miniaturize it. Weel, here is the reasons.

First, it’s battery. It only stands for 5 hours, less than a MacBook (6 hours). It also non-replaceable. So if your battery drop, you need to exchange to authorized service providerΒ  as when you exchange your iPod battery. That is annoying for me though it has longer battery than another ultra-portable computer.

Second, it’s memory. Two GB and also soldered which means you can’t upgrade it to the maximum Santa Rosa chipset allowed, 4GB, making it not as powerful as it should be.

Third, it’s optical drive. Like another subnotebook, it not include an optical drive so you need to buy an external one. Well, the matching optical drive from Apple cost you $99 πŸ˜€ So you better find a non-Apple brand external drive or using the remote disc the MacBook Air provides to use another computer drive wirelessly.

Fourth, it’s ports. It don’t have any ethernet (LAN) port and only provide you one USB port. You need to rely on Wi-Fi unless you want to buy an ethernet dongle which (again) cost you $29. Most Indonesia regions still rely on ethernet πŸ˜€ .One USB port can also become a nighmare because commonly you’ll use one USB port to plug your mouse. It means you’ll need a hub to use a 3g modem / copying file to your USB drive/ sync your iPod.

Fifth, it’s price. $1799. For a professional designer, it lacks of computing power. Lack of harddrive spaces, a dedicated video card (it only provide you a Intel GMA X3100), a big RAM, and a fast processor. For a consumer notebook, it costs too much. BUT for a ultra-portable computer, its cheap! Look at this ultra-portable computer from Sony,the VAIO TZ series. Its cost you as low as $2099 at lower spec!

Sound better to be MacBook Fart for me πŸ˜€ I’d rather buy a MacBook although it still use plastic enclosure. Waiting for my scholarship to transfered to my account. πŸ˜€ This new laptop is only needed by a very, very mobile person who is not a designer(like CEO, manager, etc) and has a good wireless supports in his country. πŸ˜€



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8 responses to “MacBook Air

  1. Sasaki

    beuh menang di tipis doang ternyata..
    kutunggulah ndre macbook-mu!

  2. walah, portnya minimalis sekali… cuman bwt orang yg koneksi internet ama peripheralnya serba wireless (ga cocok bwt orang2 endonesha kaya saya πŸ˜€ ), mending mekbuk biasa… eh jadi beli teh? jgn lupa dirawat dan dipake sebanyak2nya bwt yg manfaat πŸ˜‰

  3. irfanhanif

    Cocok bwt dibawa nge-wifi di kafe2,, pasti jadi pusat perhatian, huehehe..

    Mahal, speknya biasa aja.. Tapi dari segi style, apple memang no.1 πŸ˜‰

  4. irfanhanif

    Nambahin lagi,, desainnya yg tipis cocok juga bwt kipas2.. πŸ˜€

  5. sebenernya kalo harganya cuman 1500 saya mo beli yang ini.
    daripada macbook item *plastik*
    apa daya harganya 1700 T_T
    bisa-bisa nunggu setaun lebih baru BEP (break event point).
    kahirnya ditabunglah sisanya tuk kawin -____-‘

  6. belum pernah ada demo MacBook Air jatuh ya? kayaknya langsung kebelah dua tuh πŸ˜›

  7. ipod saya aja dah dua kali jatoh masih sehat, san πŸ˜€
    bahannya sama tuh kaya ipod saya.
    ada tuh berita tentang macbook airnya jatoh dari ketinggian 4 feet masih utuh πŸ˜›

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