Youth Leadership Indonesia

Today on Saturday, May 17, 2008 at 10AM-12.00PM, I attend an event held at Aula Barat ITB. This event is organized by McKinsey&Company, a multinational management consulting firm. Their office at Indonesia want to launch a CSR program called “Youth Leadership Indonesia”. This program mission is to help develop the leadership talent required for Indonesia’s accelerated development. The program will consist of forums and fieldwork (after some day of workshop) where you will hava a project and a problem to solved. The program will be executed between June – December 2008. Well, it has widely knows that ITB graduate lack of softskill isn’t it? ^ ^. May be that is the reason why McKinsey choose ITB (and also UI) as the partner for their program. They want to help our student so they have leadership skill because a lot of ITB graduate’s that become leader in their company or high level office in the govenrment.

Participants of their program is really, really selected carefully and need to qualify a high standard which is

* Above average academic achievement
* Outstanding leadership potential
* Significant problem solving potential
* Fluency in English.

From 170 students that invited to the event, they will choose 100 participants from ITB for their program (they also held this event on UI). For applying the program, we need to send our CV (max 1 page) and leadership essay (max 500 words in English) to the email addres they are provided. The selected student will be invited to attend the the first workshop at 16 June.

He, he, actually I really excited about this program. Their presentation about their company, their client, their past project, and also this program is really cool. Their client widely ranged, from BUMN to rich people and company in Indonesia. They also the one that help Pak Kuncoro at Aceh restructurization after tsunami disastrous. They proved it by showing a cool video about their activity at Aceh. They bring their consultants from their offices around the world! They also really serious about this program because they sent the invitation with the thickest HVS i’ve ever touch (about 220gsm) and the president director himself gift a speech at the event. 😀

Gladly, there is no compulsory internship in Mathematic so i’ll be free if there is no projects from Click Multimedia at the long holiday 😆 Oh, forgot to mention. McKinsey also has a internship program which will be started at the 4tht week of May (if I not forgot). Feel free to apply if your GPA is really big because its one of the requirement -________________-. Here some handicraft from the events 🙂 Some words from our Dirdik, Mr Ichsan. (will uploaded soon) 😀



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4 responses to “Youth Leadership Indonesia

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    ikutan ndre (^_^)

  3. iya, kak, mao nyobain.
    sapa tahu lolos 😀

  4. dhebby

    i really happy…
    i can follow this program..
    and at july i will go to america… huhuhua love it…

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